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Geração Perdida de Minas Gerais


by Young Lights

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Miguel Martins
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Miguel Martins Man, this album speaks for itself. Loved it. Favorite track: The Hand That Feeds.
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released October 1, 2014

Produced by Vitor Brauer.

Recorded and mixed in Estúdio Geração Perdida.

Vocals by Jairo Paes, guitars by Jairo Paes and Vitor Brauer, bass by Vitor Brauer. Drums on "Terminal E" and "Other Kids" by Jairo Paes. Drums on "The Hand That Feeds" and "Loner" by Vitor Brauer. Bass and drums on "Honestly" by Gustavo Scholz and Cícero Nogueira.

Special thanks to: Vitor Avila, Lucas Maranhao, Erik Baptista for lending me their intruments. My family, friends and also the people from Geração Perdida. This wouldnt have happened without you



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Young Lights Brazil

Folk/Rock band from Belo Horizonte, Brazil.
Member of the collective/movement "Lost Generation" from Minas Gerais.

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Track Name: Find My Feet
Ive made a mess
I cant clean up by myself
No stories to tell
I had too much to drink again
Id give you this whole world
If only I could find my feet
Id admit my defeat, Id do so many things
If only I could find my feet

I find peace
I find a piece of me in you
But I know Ill never be
The missing piece to your puzzle my dear
Cause I shatter glass, I fall on my knuckles at night
But id stumble the streets to your apartment
When it was me and you
If only I could find my feet
Track Name: Terminal E
Ill have my bed just as you like it
when you return to me someday
Ill keep my storms outside
during our afternoons
when it was me and you babe

Ill have you know, youre just as I like it
just perfectly baby
A taste of sweet heaven baby
In my baby blue sheets
when it was me and you babe

Listening to our bodies work like machines
Wasted through our short-lived memories

Stuck between the seams

You were the stars in my lonley skies
The only thing that lit up my eyes
You had my heart in your soft-gripped hands
You did what you liked with it
You let it fall and break

Well, its just seems, it only seems
That I will be waiting for you babe

Track Name: I Want To Breathe You
If we wrote our story
We wouldnt be writing for very long
We'd skip the first chapters
And get to the climax and we'd stay forever
I would be timid at first until the whisky
Then Id be timid no more
Couple charming looks and some funny words
I'd show you mine
Youd show me yours too

Now I lie awake
I died those nights you had me in your eyes
I want you back baby
I want your name in my songs
Your warmth in my lungs
I want to breathe you

My band came to play in your beautiful city
You looked like that city too
I had on sunglasses so you couldnt see
That baby, I was looking at you
And most of the time
You smiled like a child
You smile like a child

Now I lie awake
I died those nights I had you in my eyes
I want you back baby
I want your name in my songs
Your warmth in my lungs

I want to breathe you
Track Name: Honestly
Wine me baby
Dine me you got my time
A cold one my dear might keep me here
or just about anywhere else

Anywhere else with you baby

Tell me sweetie
those crazy stories from before you met me
the first time you let your heart escape free
i'll tell you anything you'd want to know
About my world

My world with you baby


Honestly, I just need some company
Just a quick fix baby to rest my mind of all the shit
Honestly I just need your company
Sweetie please skin me
Do you think you could do that for me?
Cause all this talkin'
Its makin' me thirsty


I just need a taste of something sweet, something that stains my teeth
Track Name: The Hand That Feeds
I don't need no one to tell me
I solve my sorrows with an opened bottle
I don't need no god to save me
Anyone who knows
Anything knows

'Cause all I need comes from the hand that feeds
I mend my wounds with the arms that sooth
'Cause I am the son of a loving mother

I don't need no one to kiss me
No one to tell me how much they've truly missed me
No girl, no boy
No, nothing cuts me anymore, man

'Cause all I need comes from the hand that feeds
I mend my wounds with the arms that sooth
'Cause I am the son
I am the son
Track Name: Baby Girl
You just came and went
Like summer in the pines
When we were both too young
But we understood damn well
What we were doing back then

You've been on my side
Helping me survive
It's taken me years but I think Ive finally,
Yeah, Ive beaten this

Took my heart left me wondering
What I'd done and what I should have done better
by her, my baby girl
for her, my baby girl
Track Name: Other Kids
I drink with the same kids
At the same bars
Cause Im sick of meeting
Them other kids with opinions in their noses
They dont know shit at all

I go see the noise punk bands that all my friends are in
And I feel just fine
Until the other kids play other songs from other bands
Just to get the attention from the other kids

Sorry Im not listening to anything you think youre saying
Im not paying attention to anything you think youre playing
Cover that

I live a little with the people who know who I really am
Cause Im sick of all these think-it-alls who dont really know shit at all
They've just got a way with words to all the other kids
Id rather jump off the tallest bridge in this city
covered in mediocre

Sorry Im not listening to anything you think youre saying
Im not paying attention to anything you think youre playing
Cover that, for all the other kids
Track Name: Alright
Theres been some time that Ive been thinking of you darling
Time's taken its way
An ocean between a year ago
When we had eyes for eachother
Like young desperate lovers
We fell in too fast, baby, maybe thats why we didnt last

Are you alright?
I just gotta know how youre doing now and I'll be alright too
Cause Im coming in like fire shot burned right through cupids heart
Im coming in again
I'll be alright If you're alright too

God knows I fight this feeling
I got this fire left in me, babe, to burn us both down
I'll be alright, If you're alright too

If you're alright
Thats not right
Track Name: Loner
Oh, Happiness
Are you back to tease me?
Have you returned just to leave me again?
Disguised with a convincing smile
Like Springtime and Im dying
Just to see you again

My haunted sheets are laughing
As I sleep away a memory
I once loved of you and me,
But now its just me again
but thats alright
Cause Im a loner
And Im never alone